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Would the real first post please stand up!

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So finally I found some time to choose a proper theme, make my head up on what to post here and get things going properly. I thought quite some time about what to put up here in my opening post and came to a shattering conclusion – it doesn’t really matter!

Why would anyone even care about some wannabe game developer blogging away somewhere within the twisted realms of the interconnected network of tubes that is driven by mice and powered by hamsters? Add another blog to your (in the hope that somebody apart from me is really reading this) news feeds? Why should you?

Because I try to prove to you, my dear reader (note the singular – that’s the hope for at least one reader!), that the articles, code snippets, projects and rants on this site are worth your precious time. Because I am trying to prove myself worth to be part of a fascinating industry. Because I think that if one wants to be considered a master of his profession, one needs to share, connect and give back – and my place to do so is here!

Now enough of the pathetic whining and on to something completely different!

What can you expect within the next weeks? Well, my main occupation right now is The Ball Game, a student project that I’m doing with to fellow students at UAS Technikum Wien, which will produce a few posts here and over at the project blog I guess.

Another thing that’s currently in the works is my developer texture generator that I’m planning to release sometime next week. Here’s a first look of what this little program will be able to do:

A first version of a generated developer texture

Friggin’ amazing, right? Right! See you next time with some more info on this little thingy!


Written by moorx

05/10/2009 at 23:16

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