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Once again, the guys at Crytek put their heads together to create another piece of technological awesomeness. In its newest iteration, the engine seems to focus on console support and better content creation tools. The video that was produced to present some of the features of CryENGINE 3 shows off two things in particular that got me very interested: The first one is dynamic destruction (already loved that in Battlefield: Bad Company) and the other one is the ability to develop on a PC and have both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 connected to see changes made in the editor getting applied in realtime on all platforms.

I think Unreal Engine 3 has definitly gotten a new rival, at least on the technical side. Will the third installment of Crytek technology finally be able to have a significant impact in the Engine / Middleware sector after the first two versions didn’t really perform well, compared to its competitors? Time will tell… Let’s hope some people will use this engine to show off its capabilities!


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16/10/2009 at 00:43

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