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Workshop Slides (Hell, It’s About Time!)

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The first game development workshop I held on November 16 was quite successful and more important a lot of fun! The students were very motivated to learn how games are being developed and I was very positively surprised how easily they followed my Mini Mario Kart sample.

As promised earlier on this blog and also during the workshop, I finally put up my slides for everyone to have a look at. Get them here and feel free to comment and leave some suggestions 😉


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25/11/2009 at 21:19

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Unreal Engine 3 for Free

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Today, nVidia and Epic released a free version of the Unreal Development Kit, that allows one to use it as long as the game doesn’t create any revenue. This is very exciting for everyone who’s interested in Game Engines and also very interesting for people who want to evaluate engines before they buy one for hard cash. Another interesting thought that comes to my mind is that this may be a direct answer to other engine developers like Unity or Emergent, which provide free and academic licenses of their products.

Oh and by the way – you can get the UDK here.

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05/11/2009 at 12:45

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