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UDK December Beta is out…

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…and it’s great how the Epic guys don’t cease to amaze me.

When the initial release of UDK came out a few months ago there were some voices saying something along the lines of “meh, just a marketing stunt to feed a few enthusiasts and create a little buzz”. But what they really delivered was a great product with a great and active community that is actually being listened to.

This post may seem just a little fanboish, but Epic really delivered a great feature that a whole bunch of people were asking to be added to the engine. The feature I’m talking about is DLLBind – and it does what it says on the box. This one allows for UDK developers to implement and add functionality inside of DLL files and call the C++ code from within UnrealScript. Clearly, this moves some barriers out of the way and opens a whole lot of new possibilities and I’m pretty sure that it’s just a matter of time until we will see some crazy stuff being added to the engine this way.

So, thank you Epic Games for providing this great stuff and keep your current direction for the UDK!


Written by moorx

18/12/2009 at 01:05

EduNetGames & Nebula3

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Phew, finally found some time to put up another post!

This week at Technikum Wien, we learned about network programming techniques and had the joy of meeting Cyrus Preuss and Jan Fietz, who came to Vienna to teach this challenging subject. While they’re NOT teaching, those two guys are working on Black Prophecy, which looks pretty impressive! To make the life of us students easier, they put together RakNet and OpenSteer to create EduNetGames – a framework for learning game network programming.

Apart from finding out how darn hard it is to make things move synchronised across a network, I started digging through Andre Weissflog’s Nebula3 engine, which looks pretty advanced and is written in a very clean and readable C++. It supports multicore systems, was successfully ported to all contemporary consoles (WII, PS3, XBox360) and also provides a stuff like a maya plugin. The documentation is also pretty decent and combined with blog posts and the sweet code style, it’s enough to get your head around the inner workings of Nebula3. So if you’re interested in game engine architecture – go get it, it’s free!

Written by moorx

07/12/2009 at 00:53

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